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Milton Keynes Jiu-Jitsu Yubukan Dojo
Etiquette Page

These are the rules follow them or WE won't be happy

Mat (Dojo) Etiquette

  1. Students must demonstrate self respect by wearing clean and well pressed Gi. All Rips and tears must be repaired.
  2. Gi's must not be worn to and from the Dojo.
  3. Long hair must be kept tied back; finger and toenails must be kept short.
  4. Students are in close contact with each other, so personal hygiene is important, please use a deodorant, no smelly feet etc.
  5. Excessive make-up must be avoided. Earrings, rings and neck-chains etc. are not to be worn during training, if rings cannot be removed, cover them with a plaster.
  6. Spectacles may not be worn during training, though they may be used in order to see a technique being demonstrated. (Soft contacts are worn at the users own responsibility, Instructors must be informed if contacts are used).
  7. Behaviour in the Dojo can be summed up in one word "Moderate". Students should not speak or converse unless necessary, and then only in a low voice.
  8. When a technique is being demonstrated, students should stand, sit or kneel attentively and not slouch or prop themselves against walls.
  9. The teacher is always referred to by their title e.g. Sensei when in the Dojo area (Don't call them by their first names). All commands must be obeyed quickly.
  10. The Instructor's decision is always final.
  11. Standing Rei It is customary to show respect in the Dojo. Before entering the Dojo perform Ritsu Rei standing bow. Outside shoes must be removed and placed facing towards the exit, before going on or leaving the training area (mat) students must have an Instructors permission and bow facing the mat.
  12. Do not train on a full stomach or drink large quantities of liquid. If you feel unwell inform an Instructor, if you feel faint move to the side and kneel down.
  13. Minor injuries are not uncommon in Jiu-Jitsu (bruising, muscle aches, fatigue etc), sharp pain can indicate structural damage, stop training and inform an Instructor of any injuries of this nature.
  14. Any injuries received prior to training must be reported to an Instructor before you go on the mat.
  15. Stay sharp and attentive, do not fool around, Jiu-Jitsu can be very dangerous.
  16. Jiu-Jitsu techniques will only be used outside the Dojo in self-defence and then only minimum force must be used.
  17. Bullying inside or outside of the Dojo will not be tolerated and will result in the possible removal from the club of the person concerned.
  18. Treat everybody in the Dojo with respect at all times.
  19. No personal items or clothing are to be left in the changing rooms while students are on the mat, all bags are to be placed at the front of the hall by the windows.
  20. Anybody found to be interfering with items that do not belong to them will be held responsible for any repair or replacement of the items as deemed necessary, they will also be put through the clubs disciplinary procedure.
  21. Milton Keynes Jiu-Jitsu, its Instructors and the World Kobudo Federation will not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to any personal items left in the changing rooms.
  22. All picture and video phones must be switched off before entering the training or changing areas. All other phones should be switched off while in the dojo. If you need a phone to be left on then ask an instructor for permission and they will see if it's possible.

Kneeling Rei

For further information please contact Shihan Wood:
Telephone: 01908 395227

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